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  • Angels in Trying Times

    " Angels in Trying Times: We would like to share our experience of funeral directors Baker and Baker during the recent death our beloved mother Stella Joyce. As can be expected, the death of a loved one is never easy. But when you have people like those at Baker and Baker to assist you during this trying time, the pain and anguish that you experience is easier to bear. I have truly never met two people, Mr Baker and his daughter Melissa, who have so much empathy and caring. From the day that they came to fetch our mum from the home where she had died, through the mourning when we said goodbye to her at their premises, to the day that I collected her ashes, everything was handled with heaps of sincere love, care and dignity. These two people truly are the angels that God gives to us on this Earth to guide and assist us through our shadow of death. Mr Baker and Melissa, we salute and honour you, and wish you the best with the selfless task that you perform. May God bless you. "

    Joyce Family, Natal Witness